Rooms Caravan Hire - All Caravans Sited On Golden Palm Resort
1. On booking your caravan a deposit of £50.00 is required.
Payment can be made over the telephone using card machine for instant booking.
Cheques or postal orders can be used, please ask for details.
Confirmation will be sent once this £50.00 has been paid and indicates your due dates for final payments.
No further reminders are given.
Your final payment should reach me NO LATER than 4 weeks prior to your stay, as indicated on your paperwork.
Should this payment fail to reach us by the required date, then we have the right to re-let the caravan for those dates.
2. In addition to the basic cost of your stay, a further £50.00 will be added to the total cost  - This £50.00 is a security/damage bond - This bond will be returned, by post, subject to satisfactory inspections of the caravan-
No damage,
No items broken or missing,
All dirty dishes washed and put away,
Rubbish removed and taken to the bins provided throughout the site,
Caravans should be left clean and tidy.
3. This is a family site so NO ALL MALE OR ALL FEMALE PARTIES are allowed. The hirer or lead person staying in the caravan MUST be over the age of 25.
4. Only the number of occupants stated when booked should be staying in the caravan. Any other person/s shall be asked to vacate the caravan.
5. The lead hirer is fully responsible for the occupants whilst in the caravan or onsite. The park where you are staying has the right to terminate your stay, if, in their opinion, any person behaves in a way predudicial to the well being of others.
6. If in the opinion of the site, any person/s is guilty of any unreasonable conduct which causes a nuisance to other guests, the site or owner may re-take possesion of the caravan and all parties will be asked to leave immediately without any compensation to the parties.
7. All ball games are to be played in the designated areas.
8. No items belonging to the caravan shall be removed, subject to inventories if any item is missing then this cost will be retrieved through the security deposit. Any damage to the caravan or contents shall be collected through the deposit.
9. On departure of the caravan, please make sure it is left in a tidy manner. The lead hirer is responsible for all members of their party and must make good any losses, breakages, or damage done to the caravan or its contents during their stay.Once you have vacated the caravan you must return the keys to the site office as failure to do this may result in loss of security bond. It is the lead hirers repsonsibilty to ensure that the caravan is left in a clean and tidy manner, including no dishes in the sink, otherwise cleaning costs will be charged.
10. All rubbish should be taken to the designated bins located around the caravan park.
11. On the day of departure you MUST vacate the caravan by 10am to enable the cleaners to gain access unless prior arrangement has been made.
12. Should your caravan become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, then we will attempt to offer alternative accommodation, if this is not available or suitable due to availability, then a full refund will be given.
13. Rooms Caravan Hire does not accept liability for any personal injury, loss or damage which, may be sustained by the party staying at the caravan or their party during their stay.
14. Should you have to cancel your holiday for any reason, you should speak to
Rooms Caravan Hire immediately. Should you fail to do this then no refund will be given. Charges are as follows:-
Up to 4 weeks 100%
From booking to 4 weeks - deposit - to cover admin charges.

15. All cars should be parked in the car parks.
Do not drive across the grass when the signs are indicating so.